Case Study

Healthcare Retail Sales

Pressure for international growth through distributors, lack of capacity, speed is important

VP international of sales of a mid-sized healthcare retail company based in California (USA) has his hands full on managing global sales. There is a strategic need to increase global sales and pressure from Private Equity to expand rapidly. Due to the distance, time zone, language barriers and lack of capacity the VP is struggling to get new distributors on board and support existing distributors on the ground. The board is requesting a strategic growth plan for the coming 1-3 years.

GrowthMedics assisted the VP by managing and building the international sales in the European market by:

  • Installed a European office and trained a capable sales team speaking several European languages in one month time;
  • Delivered a comprehensive competitive analysis, market attractiveness scan and distributor survey on their needs and challenges resulting into a go to market plan with KPI’s for the coming months;
  • Introduced, optimized and developed sales and marketing plans with current distributors (8) creating an increase of 300% in sales in 2 years;
  • Expanded the distributors to 55 distributors in 4 years time, grown revenue from 1,4 mln to 4 mln in 4,5 years time;
  • As revenue and distributors grew, team members are added resulting into a 4 member part-time sales team, allowing a flexible consistent scalable local salesforce.

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