Healthcare IT

Expanding in the global healthcare software and IT industry

The healthcare IT industry is positioned to play a significant role in the future of healthcare and is one of the fastest growing industries. Technologies in software accelerates improvements in patient care and clinical workflow. 

Having assisted healthcare software providers and healthcare hardware manufacturers expand in European and Middle Eastern healthcare facilities, resellers and integrators, we efficiently and effectively provide an international sales infrastructure aimed at successful market introductions and driving revenue. 

Reach global patients and healthcare professionals

Generate Demonstrations and Revenue
Through International IT Resellers, Integrators or Direct in Healthcare Facilities

Our Approach

Using our expertise, network, infrastructure, and localized sales development approach, we help our clients avoid risk and liabilities, save costs, and increase flexibility while increasing speed to market time.

We become the growth extension of our clients in international markets. We help our clients formulate and execute a winning international market entry strategy in their industry.

Our growth team operates on behalf of our clients. We utilize the latest communication tools and growth development framework – all aligned to establish successful growth in Europe, the Middle East, and African region.

Our Track Record

Our clients are developers of software solutions or manufacturers of healthcare hardware solutions. We’ve worked with leading OEM’s, distributors, resellers, integrators and healthcare facilities.

Our clients are scale-ups or manufacturers in the early stage of their international expansion such as medical computer manufacturers or software developers such as diagnostics, AI based clinical decision making software and others.

Our results

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