Medical and Surgical Device industry

Your Global Medical and Surgical Device Growth Partner

We assist worldwide manufacturers of medical- and surgical devices through the development and management of OEM’s, distributors, hospitals, clinicians to establish and drive international sales growth.

Over the years we have built a strong network and expertise in this industry across Europe, the Middle East, and the African region. With our infrastructure and go to market approach we help our clients avoid risk, liabilities, save costs, and increase their speed to market time.

Expand your global presence in healthcare facilities

A strong track record in the global Medical and Surgical Device Industry

Our Approach

As the local international sales extension in Europe and the Middle East, we help our clients enter these markets faster and get better and faster results. 

With our vast network and expertise, we first formulate a winning market entry strategy and execute these in steps leveraging our network of clinicians, distributors, OEMS and universities.

We utilize the latest communication tools and have developed a growth development framework aligned to establish successful growth in international markets.

Our Track Record

Our clients manufacture a  wide range of medical and surgical devices that include but are not limited to for example: Patient monitors, Operating room equipment, IV therapy products, Surgical instruments, Diagnostic equipment, Opthalmology products and more.

Our expertise and vast network in Europe and Middle Eastern markets consists of the following channels: 

• Hospitals, healthcare professionals and decision makers;
• Thousands of distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies and retailers across the medical industry;
• Dedicated e-commerce platforms aimed at patients and/or healthcare professionals.

Our results

Growth Success stories

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