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Expanding in the global Patient and Hospital Supplies industry

The increasing number of European and Middle Eastern hospitalized patients, the growing private (retail) healthcare industry, an increasing need for home care services, and increased Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are developments that will continue to drive growth in this industry for the upcoming years.

Learn more how we assisted worldwide manufacturers expand its international sales presence. Our strong track record is a result of our dedication and capabilities in driving international revenue in a most effective and efficient manner.

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Having a local sales force, speaking the language, having the network, sales capabilities and understanding the business development landscape will help you achieve faster results while mitigating risk and cost.

Our international growth team operates on behalf of our clients. We utilize the latest communication tools and growth development framework – all aligned to establish successful growth in European, Middle Eastern, and African hospital and patient markets.

Our Track Record

Our clients in this industry manufacture a wide range of equipment and supplies, from medical furniture, mobility assistance devices, wound care solutions, smart home solutions and more.

Over the years we have built a strong experience and vast network in the in- and outpatient care industry working together with distributors, hospitals, healthcare professionals and directly with on- and offline patient channels.

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