Case Study

European Digital Marketing Growth

Insufficient exposure in European online market

A US based vet manufacturer is growing its footprint through GrowthMedics help in developing and managing local distributors across the European and Middle Eastern market. Distributors are investing in online marketing, but they have a large portfolio causing a lack of focus in online exposure. Vet practices overall purchases individually and based on research there are substantial searches of industry keywords in local European countries

Solution provided:
GrowthMedics has provided an online marketing plan with the goal to create more exposure and leads in France, Spain, UK, Germany and Italy

  • Microsites have been developed in local languages on local domain names in the countries mentioned above with translated content;
  • Download material such as whitepapers, e-books, blogs have been developed and translated;
  • A SEO program by country have been installed to grow local google rankings and visibility;
  • Lead pages are being developed and advertisement campaigns in local languages through Facebook and Linkedinhave been setup to target local veterinarians and navigate them to the website;
  • Significant increases in leads and website traffic have been generated. For a full report on the outcomes please contact us.

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