Expanding in the global veterinary industry

The strong growing veterinary healthcare market is fueled by increase of animal ownership, animal health awareness and few regulations. The popularity of animal insurance is caused by the increasing prices of vets. This global industry is expected to grow in the coming years.

At GrowthMedics we have a strong track record in the EMEA veterinary industry having worked with hundreds of vet KOLs, clinics and vet distributors. Read more how our infrastructure can contribute to your international growth.

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Our results

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equine and companion animal industry

Our Approach

With our hollistic approach and network we work with leading veterinary KOLs, universities, vet clinics and the key vet distributors across Europe and the MIddle East, specialized in veterinary, equine and exotic animals.  

We become the growth extension of our clients in international markets. We help our clients formulate and execute a winning international market entry strategy in their industry.

Our growth team operates on behalf of our clients. We utilize the latest communication tools and growth development framework – all aligned to establish successful international growth for our clients. 

Our Track Record

Our clients are manufacturers of veterinary equipment such as laser therapy devices, anesthesia machins, vet apparel and more active in equine, companion and exotic animals working through OEMs and clinics direct.

Most of our clients are in the early stage of their international expansion and are considering ways to increase their speed to market, reduced cost and risks while maintaining control on the market.

Over the years we have assisted our clients’ expansion successfully by developing and implementing a compelling market entry strategy, aimed to achieve growth objectives and brand establishment.

Our results

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