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Month One

Your dedicated sales force and office in the Netherlands and/or UAE will be installed and will operate under your behalf as your sales extension. An extensive product training will be coordinated while we research your servable market size, competition and identify key players in the market.

KPI’s and a roadmap will be presented for the remaining 2 months.

Month Two

A sales playbook in multiple languages will be developed and hundreds of prospects and key stakeholders will be generated. We will start with the qualification and generate short lists of qualified opportunities.

Our CRM and KPI’s will provide full access for optimization, insights and will provide fast-tracked access to top customers. 

Month Three

Your team will qualify, secure sales presentations with interested parties across selected 3-6 countries and follow through. We will develop a sales funnel and report through weekly calls. 

At the end of the 3th month you will have an operational sales force with a sales funnel of qualified opportunities.

Global growth

A trusted partner

Over the years GrowthMedics has perfectioned a unique business model that has assisted numerous worldwide micro- to medium manufacturers expand in European and Middle Eastern healthcare markets. It has proven to be much more cost-effective and a faster way for growth compared to setting up your own entity or hiring your own international employees.

Our results

Case Study

Read how we introduced and developed new distributors, OEMS and hospital trials across European markets for a Med-Tech AI start-up in 3 months!

Comparison Chart of SDaS


Other International sales routes

Export ChallangesDomestic Sales ManagerPan- European DistrubutorEU Commission Sales repMerger or acquisitionOpening a European office/own EU EmployeeGrowthMedics SDaS
Operational complexities
(Time zone, language & cultural challenges, travel limitations)
Very HighMediumMediumLowMediumVery low
Dedicated Sales Focus
expension area
MediumMediumLowHighVery HighHigh
Full Market Coverage
and rolodex
LowMediumHighHighMediumVery High
Cost and resource
MediumVery lowLowVery HighHighMedium
Control on sales process, strategy and customersHighLowVery lowHighVery HighHigh
Speed to the
LowHighMediumVery HighMediumVery High
Management involvement intensityMediumLowHighVery HighHighLow
Risk & LiabilitiesMediumLowLowVery HighHighVery low
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