Evaluating SDaS as an international sales accelerator.

Sales Development as a Service (SDaS) is being used by one of the most successful companies in the world. They benefit from a lean operation driving faster and more effective revenue.

GrowthMedics’ SDaS service has proven to introduce medical technologies and accelerate sales growth for worldwide medical device companies in the European and Middle Eastern healthcare market.

Whether you are looking to expand through hospitals, OEMs, distributors, the service has been exclusively developed and optimized for micro- to medium sized OEMs across all medical markets that includes medical and surgical devices, contract manufacturing, medical equipment, veterinary, biotech, orthopedics and software as a medical device solutions.

This article will provide a definition to SDaS, a comparison of other expansion routes such as hiring, and will argue all the assumptions and arguments for choosing SDaS as your international growth accelerator.

> ~50% lower cost compared to hiring internationally
> Remain flexibility and control on the market
> Increase your speed to international revenue growth
> Benefit from having your own international sales team and sales office
> Significantly increase your chances for success in international markets

GrowthMedics is an ISO 13485 market development provider serving worldwide medical device companies with their international sales expansion in European and Middle Eastern Healthcare markets.

GrowthImports is an ISO13485 regulatory and fiscal importer of medical devices in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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