45 European Medical tradeshows to attend in 2022

45 European Medical tradeshows to attend in 2022

We’ve listed the top 45 European medical tradeshows with the scheduled dates for 2022 by European country and medical industry.

Tradeshows can be an effective way to engage with your customers and prospects. Especially for manufacturers seeking for new distributors in a new market it can be very fruitful. What will have a major impact on the success of tradeshows is the preparation. Often we see exhibitors attending shows without proper research and pro-actively generation of leads and meetings nor having a marketing plan in place to promote visits at the stand.

Even though personal tradeshows cannot be replaced online, it is taking more popularity and an efficient way to engage with prospects.

Hopefully all tradeshows will take place in 2022, but even when not, it would be worth to assess whether online participation can be fruitful.

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