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FAST TRACK your  Medical Device Sales Growth among distributors, hospitals and patients in Europe and MENA

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Check out how we helped a US (California) based healthcare retail manufacturer quadrupled its distributors and sales across 23 European countries!

A sustainable, fast, proven and dedicated approach to revenue growth in EMENA while minimizing risk and cost

A PAN EMENA wide localized dedicated sales approach

Together with your local trained sales boots on the ground operating under your name and sales office in the Netherlands and UAE, you will overcome operational complexities and gain full access to existing and new customers.

We have worked with leading medical distributors, KOLs, OEMs and hospitals for our customers.

Exclusively for medical device manufacturers

Our clients are medical device manufactures with various niche manufacturing capabilities ranging from patient and hospital equipment, medical technologies, surgical instruments and implants, orthopaedic devices, diagnostic solutions, software as a medical device and more.

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A proven track record

With GrowthMedics you ensure a capable local sales force partner with an infrastructure generated $ millions of revenue and hundreds of new distribution and hospital agreements.

A proven faster, more flexible and more cost-effective approach to hiring or setting up your own presence! 


What Our Clients Say

GrowthMedics is an ISO 13485 market development provider serving worldwide medical device companies with their international sales expansion in European and Middle Eastern Healthcare markets.

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