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Evaluating SDaS as an international sales accelerator

Learn how SDaS can play a vital role in achieving your international sales plans! This whitepaper will give insights on the benefits and a comparison with other market growth options.

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Based on our expertise and market data we will conduct a FREE market scan to provide insights in your market readiness and chances for success. 

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Our 3 months sales assessment program will target feedback of key players in the industry and generate initial sales funnels. We will collect invaluable product- and sales feedback to formulate a winning market entry strategy while having immediate sales opportunities.

Drive global sales revenue

Our infrastructure will provide access to a sales office in the Netherlands and UAE, a capable, local multilingual sales team and access to thousands of distributors, hospitals, key opinion leaders and more to make you successful in international markets.

Fast-track your international footprint with us while minimizing your risk and cost.

Comparison Chart of SDaS


Other International sales routes

The most favourable outcomes are in the highlighted blue boxes.
Export ChallangesDomestic Sales ManagerPan- European DistrubutorEU Commission Sales repMerger or acquisitionOpening a European office/own EU EmployeeGrowthMedics SDaS
Operational complexities
(Time zone, language & cultural challenges, travel limitations)
Very HighMediumMediumLowMediumVery low
Dedicated Sales Focus
expension area
MediumMediumLowHighVery HighHigh
Full Market Coverage
and rolodex
LowMediumHighHighMediumVery High
Cost and resource
MediumVery lowLowVery HighHighMedium
Control on sales process, strategy and customersHighLowVery lowHighVery HighHigh
Speed to the
LowHighMediumVery HighMediumVery High
Management involvement intensityMediumLowHighVery HighHighLow
Risk & LiabilitiesMediumLowLowVery HighHighVery low
EU flags

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GrowthMedics is an ISO 13485 market development provider serving worldwide medical device companies with their international sales expansion in European and Middle Eastern Healthcare markets.

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